Rocket Espresso Porta Via

The portable Rocket Espresso machine. This is the new Rocket Espresso Porta Via which is announced at HOST Milan 2017. The Rocket Espresso Porta Via is a portable, fully featured prosumer espresso machine. It boasts an E61 brew group and PID regulated dual-chambered boiler so you never have to compromise for espresso, no matter where you go.


Travel just got a whole lot more interesting – that 3 star hotel just went to a 5 star. The Portavia, the worlds first truly portable espresso machine, no need to leave your room.

Rocket Espresso Porta Via

    • Travel Case - The Porta Via's main claim to fame, its already compact frame packs down nicely into a suitcase for travel.
    • Full E61 Group - A classic Italian innovation, the E61 group actively heats your portafilter with a built-in thermosiphon and relieves pressure when not in use.
    • Heat-exchange Boiler - A first in a machine this size, the heat-exchange design lets you brew and steam at the same time.
    • Included Accessories - The Porta Via packs in a full set of accessories, including a bottomless portafilter, milk pitcher, tamper, and cup set.

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