Wiedemann Manufaktur Handle Set for Rocket - Walnut

Handle Set for Rocket, compatible with following machines
Rocket R58, Rocket R60V, Mozzafiato Evolutione R (from the middle of 2017), Giotto Evolutione R (from the middle of 2017), Mozzafiato Type V, Giotto Type V, Appartamento


Turn a machine into your machine.

The Wiedemann handle set is more than just a facelift for your portafilter machine. It is a completely new experience. Visually and in daily use. Never before has it been so easy to redesign and enjoy your machine.


Your machine, even more beautiful.

The premium wood of the Handle Set contrasts with the reflective stainless steel of your Rocket portafilter machine and gives it a very special charm. The selection of different woods offers enough options to adapt the portafilter machine to your taste.


Quality that you can feel.

The portafilter heads and the wooden handles are tightly screwed together and beautifully finished. The brew group lever, the steam and water knobs or wheels are all made of solid hardwood. All threads of the Handle Set are made of stainless steel. ​​


A haptic experience.

Wiedemann wooden handles are treated with a biological hard oil several times by hand, so that the naturally unique haptic is preserved. The difference to plastic or lacquered wood is noticeable with every grasp. Careful polishing by hand ensures a unique surface and a flawless appearance.

Wiedemann Manufaktur Handle Set for Rocket - Walnut

  • Handle Set for Rocket

    • 1x stainless steel single spout portafilter head
    • 1x stainless steel double spout portafilter head
    • 2x portafilter incl. handle and portafilter head 
    • 2x rotating wheels incl. special washers
    • 1x brew group lever