SSP Unimodal Red Speed 64mm Burr (Brew Burrs)

For those targeting crisp, clear extractions in pour over brews, SSP’s 64mm Unimodal Red Speed coated burrs are a gateway to that next level of coffee bliss.

Designed for the Lagom P64 and other flat burr grinders, SSP’s razor-sharp burr sets will instantly improve the quality of your pour overs and espressos, and increase the throughput speed of most compatible grinders.


The 64mm Unimodal burr set features burr geometry specifically developed to minimize fines at medium to coarse grind sizes, maximizing clarity in pour overs and immersion brews. Each burr is also fortified in a coating of Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (aka Red Speed), ensuring the highest possible durability for a tool steel burr. With a throughput rating of 8800-11,000lbs of coffee, the average home coffee enthusiast will never need to install another burr set again. In a cafe setting, these burr sets can last up to 10x as long as OEM burrs.


SSP 64mm Unimodal Red Speed coated burrs are also an ideal choice for multi-purpose grinding. For those who use a Lagom P64, Mazzer Super Jolly or Mini-E (and others!), this burr set will add versatility to your espresso or filter grinder, providing enhanced grind performance across the entire range of espresso to pour over to french press. For a more espresso-focused burr set, check out the SSP 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed Coated Burr Set for Espresso

SSP Unimodal Red Speed 64mm Burr (Brew Burrs)

    • Lagom P64
    • Mazzer Super Jolly
    • Mazzer Mini-E
    • Anfim Caimano
    • CODY II
    • Ceado E5P
    • Ceado E6P
    • Ceado E37J
    • Two SSP Red Speed Coated 64mm Flat Espresso Grinding Burr
    • Rated for 8800lbs-11,000lbs throughput
    • Made from tool steel
    • Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride coating (Red Speed)
    • For filter and espresso brewing applications