Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine

Slayer is again pushing the envelope with the Slayer Steam LP. 


Utilizing Slayer’s signature design flair, they have developed a machine that uses volumetrics for consistency, classic 9-bar pump extraction, intuitive ergonomics with a massive drain tray stage for smooth-efficient bar flow. 


The Steam LP incorporates the Heads-up Barista Dashboard™ with an intuitive time to weight conversion. The UI makes dialing in so quick and easy you can be assured all drinks are prepared at the highest quality with maximum efficiency. This is the dream machine.


Steam’s low profile body also opens up the countertop horizon for an engaging guest experience while the Wing Channels keep wires and hoses hidden from view to keep your aesthetics on point.

Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine

  • Price On Request (POR). We'd love to speak with you about this high performance espresso machine. Please contact us or WhatsApp us for pricing, and ordering info, and provide us with your contact details and state on the model version that you are interested. We will get back to you as soon as possible for additional information.


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    Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine ship freight, and we strongly suggest shipping directly to a local qualified espresso machine specialist to arrange installation.