Saint Anthony Industries BT Wedge Distribution Tool

The Saint Anthony Industries BT Wedge Distribution Tool is simple the best distributor tool available.


The  BT Wedge Coffee Distribution Tool will greatly improve quality and consistency for your espresso service. 


It’s proprietary wedge shape evenly distributes ground coffee in your portafilter basket without prematurely compressing it. 


The high polish base eliminates coffee retention to the tool.

Made from precision machined stainless steel and inlaid with your choice of American hardwoods. 


Full Origin Story of the BT Coffee Distribution Tool

The BT Distributor Wedge was originally designed by Mr. Il Seon Jeon of Seoul Korea.

Mr. Jeon is the owner operator of the progressive Gabae Mihon coffee bar in Seoul. He was an early admirer of the well known OCD tool and the core concepts behind it. However, he had ideas to push the concept further. 

Mr. Jeon was focused on two elements for improvement. 

1. Minimize the pre-tamping of the coffee prior to proper ground distribution.

2. Eliminate ground retention on the distributor tool itself. 

In February 2016, Mr. Jeon conceived the idea of the wedge shape distribution tool.  

He built and refined prototypes and soon found the high polish wedge shape to work remarkably well. He sent prototypes to Australia for friends and critics to evaluate. 

Needing to compete with the tools already on the market that had copied his design, he decided that he would introduce a version of the wedge shape distribution tool that was superior in design and build quality to all models currently available. This is when Mr. Jeon contacted Saint Anthony Industries. He proposed that SAI take his proprietary wedge shape design and incorporate our design aesthetic and material aesthetic to make a distribution tool that is second to none. 


Saint Anthony Industries BT Wedge Distribution Tool

  • Adjustable Depth: 5mm - 14mm

    Weight: 600 grams