Rocket Giotto Cronometro R Espresso Machine (PID and Timer)

Features taken directly from Rocket commercial espresso machine range give the Cronometro machines superior technology that is normally only found in full sized commercial espresso machines.


Rocket Giotto Cronometro R Espresso Machine now with digital shot timer, PID temperature control, insulated boilers and the Rocket Espresso 9 mm boiler end plates, stability and temperature control is further enhanced.


The use of a rotary pump ensures quiet yet robust pump performance and allows the user to have the machine draw water from the internal machine reservoir or alternatively connect the machine directly to the water supply.

Rocket Giotto Cronometro R Espresso Machine (PID and Timer)

    • Craftsmanship - Assembled by hand in Italy, each Rocket machine is a unique piece of espresso artwork.
    • Integrated Timer - A case-fit timer lets you check your shot time automatically.
    • PID Temp Management - Boiler temperature is monitored electronically with a PID controller and SSR combo.
    • Heat-Exchanger - Brew water temp is managed passively, enabling brewing and steaming simultaneously.
    • Plumbable - An in-case rotary pump offers quieter operation and enables plumbing from your home water line.
    • Insulated Boiler - Boiler insulation makes for better heat retention and less wasted power.
    • Power-Saving Mode - An automatic 90-minute timer turns off your heating element to save power at idle.

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