Puly Caff Complete Soak Cleaning Kit

This Puly Caff complete soak cleaning kit contains all you need to to clean your portafilter, portafilter baskets, steam wand, shower screens, coffee grinder  and group heads.  This professional soak cleaning system is fast, safe and easy to use for the daily cleaning.


Puly Caff imported from Italy, is the most advanced espresso machine cleaner in the world. 

*NSF certified.

Puly Caff Complete Soak Cleaning Kit

  • Puly Caff Kit includes:

    • Puly Caff washing basin 2L: For soaking the portafilter, filter basket and shower screens
    • Puly Caff Plus Powder (4 x 20g or 10 x 3.5gram sachets): For cleaning the coffee group when backflushing, the portafilter, filter basket and shower screens.
    • PulyMilk (4 x 25ml): Milk frother cleaner, for cleaning the steam wand.
    • Group head cleaning brush: For cleaning the coffee group and group gaskets.
    • Puly Green Grind (2 x sachets): For cleaning the grinder blades. (Amazing coffee grinder cleaning crystals)