Puly Caff Group Cleaning Powder is the most advanced espresso machine cleaner in the world. NSF certified, the cleaning detergent expands under pressure, cleans all contact surfaces, and release its full cleaning power faster than any other espresso cleaner. Puly Caff foams on contact with water, rinses quickly and leaves behind no residue or aftertaste. When the foam is gone so is the Puly Caff. Developed over 50 years, Puly is the trusted name in espresso machine maintenance.

Puly Caff Coffee Machine Group Cleaning Powder 370g

    • Commercial quality espresso machine cleaner designed to dissolve and remove stale coffee oils
    • Ideal for the maintenance of espresso machines and spare parts
    • Special formulation designed to bond to metal and prevent pitting and corrosion
    • NSF certified
    • Made in Italy
  • How to backflush espresso machine grouphead:

    1. Insert the blind filter basket (one with no holes) into a filter-holder and lock this into the machine to heat up (the detergent works better with heat).
    2. Remove the filter-holder from the machine and add 1 teaspoon(3-5g) of the Puly Caff Backflush Cleaning Powder.
    3. Connect the filter-holder to the espresso machine
    4. Start the brewing cycle for 10 seconds and stop the brewing cycle for 10 seconds - repeat this operation 5 times
    5. Remove the filter-holder and rinse it clean with hot water
    6. Once again, connect the filter-holder to the espresso machine in the normal fashion.
    7. Start the brewing cycle for 10 seconds and stop the brewing cycle for 10 seconds - repeat this operation 5 times.
    8. This operation will flush the cleaner from the brewing system
    9. And then you are done!

    How to clean filter holders and coffee basket:

    1. Remove coffee filter baskets from each filter-holder
    2. Fill a container with sufficient hot water. Add 10g of espresso machine cleaning powder for every litre of water to make cleaning solution
    3. Immerse into the cleaning solution the coffee filter baskets and the ends of each filter-holder where the baskets are inserted. Do not immerse the handles of your filter-holder into the cleaning solution.
    4. Soak for about 15 minutes.
    5. After 15 minutes remove all components from the cleaning solution and rinse with hot water.

    How often to clean?

    • For home use - recomended weekly or every 30 espresso shots (whichever comes first)
    • For commercial/cafe settings - recommended every day
    • For office - recommended every day

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