Pesado IMS Precision Filter Basket 18 Grams

Precision, consistency and strength.


At PESADO they have worked hard to design, create and trial baskets to fit these three requirements and provide you with the highest quality product and results.


With the technology that IMS have developed, they have tweaked and moulded to fit PESADO ideals. Their baskets are perforated with conical shaped holes that reach as close to the basket edge as possible, as well as being evenly distributed across the basket body.


Electropolishing removes accumulated ions on the surface of the basket and inside each hole to ensure a perfectly smooth finish. The body of each basket is then re-laminated using 200 tons of pressure to extract any burrs and that structural integrity is not compromised during the manufacturing process.

These baskets are ridge-less and flat bottomed to promote ease of flow and smooth tamping.

Pesado IMS Precision Filter Basket 18 Grams