Pesado Competition Shower Screen La Marzocco

Precision. Consistency. Strength.


At Pesado they have worked hard to design, create and trial baskets and showers to fit these 3 requirements. With the technology that IMS have developed they have tweaked and moulded their designs to fit PESADO ideals.


Their baskets and showers are perforated with conical holes and electropolished to ensure a perfectly smooth finish by removing accumulated ions on the surface. The body of each is then re-laminated using 200 tons of pressure to extract any burrs and ensure structural integrity of each basket and shower meaning your basket or shower will last and last.


These are not just for competition use, but will give your everyday coffee a competition flare both at home and in the cafe.


Suitable for: 

La Marzocco , Slayer , Synesso , Carimali

Pesado Competition Shower Screen La Marzocco

    • Reinforced membrane shower screen with 200 µm filtering capacity
    • EXTERNAL DIAMETER: 57,5 mm
    • INTERNAL DIAMETER: 55,5 mm
    • WALL HEIGHT: 6,6 mm
    • CENTRAL HOLE: 7 mm
    • BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY Caulking: The membrane is fixed to the body of the shower and the support disk by bending.
    • PERFORATIONS: Ø 2,2 mm, 121 holes
    • DISTRIBUTION: Circular

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