BILT Oscar Water Softener

Scale formation is the number one reason for espresso machines to fail prematurely, and can be avoided with a diligent routine of softening water. The BILT Oscar softener passively softens the water and is very easy to use.


OSCAR is a innovative DESCALING DEVICE for domestic and office hot beverage dispensers. The mechanism applies the osmotic process of the saline solution to eliminate the calcium and magnesium deposits which remain inside boilers and heating elements. OSCAR comes in various shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of needs.

BILT Oscar Water Softener

  • Specifications:

    • Size: 120mm x 100mm
    • Recommended for maximum 2.0 liter reservoirs.
    • Operates between 5 and 40 degrees celsius water temperature.



    • This product is not re-generable.
    • Should not to be placed in a boiler vessel that has a heating element.
    • Manufacturer recommends to replace once a year.
    • Water tank must be fully open for this product to fit.



    • Remove water softener pouch from plastic bag.
    • Rinse under cold water to remove any sediment.
    • When the tank is empty put OSCAR on the bottom and fill with water until the desired level. When the water comes into contact with the resin micro-spheres the magnetic-osmotic process will start converting the calcium and magnesium ions into sodium ones.
    • Please note that this pouch will not fit in the all the reservoirs for all espresso machines.