Maintenance kit for Rancilio Silvia

If you realise that water are started to drip around your portafilter and your coffee are tasting a bit off, then these might be indications that it is time to replace a new brew head gasket and screen for your espresso machine


Depending on how often you use your machine will inform your maintenance schedule. We usually recommend to change the brew head gasket and shower screen once a year (for home barista). For user with higher usage might require maintenance 6 month intervals.


Keeping your machine running perfectly is top priority. By taking care of your equipment will ensure it's long life. Moreover, the result of your coffee will taste better and your machine will run more smootly!



This kit includes a brew head gasket and a shower screen. These parts will work for Rancilio Silvia espresso machine models.

Maintenance kit for Rancilio Silvia

    • 58mm brew head gasket
    • Brew head shower screen
    • Brew head screw

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