Sheer Plate for Mahlkoenig EK43 - V2. Previously made from aluminum, Mahlkonig's Sheer Plate is now stainless steel, and thus much more durable when it comes to frequent start/stop action. 


These little plates are designed to break under load inorder to protect the grinder motor. Once designed to break if a rock jammed the burrs, they now commonly break due to the start/stop action of EK43's being used for espresso rather than retail coffee.

Mahlkonig Stainless Steel Shear Plate for EK43, EKK43, and EK43 S

    • Made of stainless steel.
    • From Mahlkonig for the EK43, EKK43, and EK43 S.
    • 1 x Sheer plate for Mahlkoenig EK43

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