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Building off the success of the K30 Vario, the official grinder of the World Barista Championships, Mahlkonig has refined their product even further with the K30 Air. Featuring the same high-precision 65 mm flat burrs, stepless grind adjustment, doserless design, and programmable timed dosing, the K30 Air delivers the same high quality experience you would expect from a Vario. In addition, the Air also utilizes more extensive cooling features for a consistently lower internal temperature over time. With its metal body casing and rear fan, the Air keeps air circulating throughout the grinder to cool off the grinding chamber and motor.


The new Air Version increases total daily output and lowers temperature of ground coffee. A fan at the back of the grinder increases and cools the air circulation around the motor and minimises the heat transmission from the motor to the disc casing. Thereby the ground coffee temperature remains below 50°C even in peak hours which saves the aroma in the cup.


In addition to this lowering of ground coffee temperature, active cooling of the motor increases the maximum daily capacity of the grinder - without overheating the grinder. The power of the fan is adjusted to the temperature of the motor. Thereby the fan’s noise is kept at a minimum.


The Air doesn't sacrifice performance for a cooler temperature, capable of filling a double basket in under 5 seconds. Its timed dosing functions are interruptable, meaning you can dispense part of your dose, sweep and level, then pick up where you left off to finish off the timer. You can also set the grinder to Barista Mode, to manually dose and dial in and adjust timed settings on the fly.

Mahlkonig K30 Vario Air Coffee Grinder

    • Grind-on-Demand:

      • freshly ground portion grinding directly into the port-a-filter
      • backpanel with fan and air slots
      • 100% increase of maximum daily output without overheating of the motor 
    • Portioning:
      • electronically controlled (timer)
      • variable programming
      • grinding time is less than 2 seconds for a single espresso of 7 gram
    • Operation:
      • grinder starts automatically when inserting the port-a-filter
      • hands-free operation
    • Design:
      • Red-Dot-Design Award 2005
      • modular build-up
      • illuminated display
      • different colours and branding on request
      • hopper adapter for individual barrels available
    • K30 Vario:
      • stepless grind adjustment
      • Electronical shot timer
  • Burrs 65mm Flat Steel Burr
    Grinding Speed 3.6 - 4.8 g/sec
    Bean Hopper Capacity 1500 g
    Burr Speed 1420 rpm @ 50 Hz / 1640 rpm @ 60Hz
    Power Consumption 850 watt
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 24cm x 55cm x 32cm
    Weight 13kg