Mahlkonig EK43S Allround Grinder

The Mahlkonig EK43 S - Allround Grinder


The EK43 S grinder stands just 68 centimeters tall, which is substantially shorter than the 77-cm classic EK43. And with its slimmer, 800-gram-capacity hopper, it aims to cut a more small-bar-appropriate profile than its towering bulk-oriented predecessor.


With uniform particle sizes and a minimum of residues at the grinding chamber, the EK43 S masters likewise espresso and filter coffee at the bar, the grinding into bags as well as cuppings in the laboratory.

  • Vertical oriented grinding discs
  • Wide adjustable grind size (all-round grinder)

Mahlkonig EK43S Allround Grinder

  • Special Equipments

    • Prebreaker grains and other grinding goods
    • Grinding discs grains and other grinding goods
    • Prebreaker for ultra fine grinding
    • Special grinding discs for ultra fine grinding
    • Medium hopper (Capacity 800 g)
    • Small hopper (Capacity 500 g)



    • Large hopper (Capacity 1500g)
    • Residue tray


    Please note. Mahlkonig grinders are tested with coffee by Mahlkonig, the manufacturer. *We only sell brand new grinders. There will however by evidence of coffee from testing at Mahlkonig.

  • Burrs 98mm Cast Steel Burr
    Grinding Speed 25 g/s
    Bean Hopper Capacity 800 g
    Burr Speed 1740 RPM
    Power Consumption 1300 watt
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 45cm x 38cm x 57cm
    Weight 23kg