La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter - 58mm

The La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter allows you to watch the beauty of an espresso extraction from underneath the basket and also allows for easy basket cleaning.. This is the complete stock Bottomless Portafilter that comes with a rubber handle.

If you have never seen the crema that comes off of a bottomless portafilter, allow us to express just how perfect it is, both in taste and in aesthetics. La Marzocco has created this Bottomless Portafilter for its wonderfully designed GS/3 machines.

La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter - 58mm

  • Why use a bottomless portafilter?

    Bottomless portafilters are used as a training tool and are essential in maintaining the quality of espresso. Rocket 58mm naked portafilter allow the barista to see how the espresso is dripping from the machine. It will provide you with immediate feedback and can see if channeling occurs right away.


    Blonding is an unfortunate side effect of under-extraction, and causes the espresso to taste weak. Channeling can be detected when the espresso is dripping in multiple streams or at uneven angles. Baristas are able to prevent these problems by using the appropriate espresso extraction portafilter.