Made with Stainless Steel and built to last! Any vessel with a diameter from 1 to 4½ inches can now be rinsed in seconds. In most restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, the rinsing of glasses, shot glasses, pitchers and cups is a task that is repeated many times a day. We have developed the rinser to save you time and money, making the rinse process an effortless task.


Made with Stainless Steel 304, finish brushed



    • COLD WATER connector: 3/8" John Guest press fitting (hot water damages the seals)
    • Drain connector: 1/2" barb fitting
    • Dimensions of pan: 7" by 15"
    • Recommended Water Pressure: 15-30 PSI
    • Made of stainless steel (edges can be sharp before installing please use caution)

    • Rinser Water Inlet Installation Instructions
    • Always check with local plumbing codes before Installation
    • For Use with Regular or cold water supply only, Hot water is not recommended to use with rinser
    • Install in-line water regulator set at 15 PSI from the public water supply, no more than 15 Psi
    • Install an in-line one-way check valve on water supply this will prevent pressure drop which can cause leakage
    • Install in-line shut-off for the rinser system from the water supply, this must be turned off if not in use for extended periods such as off days or night time!

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