Kinu Pour-Over Replacement Burr

Kinu specifically designed the Kinu Pour-Over Replacement Burr for Pour-Over enthusiasts. You can use them for your Kinu M47 Classic , Simplicity & M47 Phoenix.


Roasted coffee beans must be fractured into small pieces, before they’re digested through the burrs into the final particle size. Each fracture will create fines. The Kinu Pour-Over Burrs feature a more dispersed beans crusher, seen as the extension of the burrs from the top of the star shape. This reduced crusher creates less fractures, meaning less fines in your grinds. Ultimately a more consistent particle size that’s ideal for the clarity and sweetness desired of pour-over brewing.


The Kinu Grinder range delivers a high-end experience in portable, manual coffee hand-grinders. Featuring extraordinary precision and reliability in producing the expected grind size ideal for brewing filter style coffee time and time again. 

Kinu Pour-Over Replacement Burr

  • Black-Fusion Treated Burrs – Built to last, the precision of Kinu manufacturing will help you get the best possible flavour from your coffee, increasing the life of the burrs and reducing static.


    Dedicated Pour Over Burrs – With a more dispersed, large beans crusher at the top of the burrs, comes less effort in grinding coarser beans than espresso.


    Interchangeable Burrs – The Kinu Pour-Over Replacement Burr is compatible with all M47 Kinu Hand Grinders.


    Easy to install – Remove the top Counter-Screw and two internal bolts against the drive shaft, pop out the old burrs and place in the new. No tools required.

  • Materials :  Steel – Black-fusion coating

    Burr : 47mm Conical

    Ideal For : Pour-Over and other Filter Coffee Brewing