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This 12oz milk pitchers and jugs are made of solid stainless steel. They are perfectly designed and shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for latte and cappuccino. The spouts are ideal for latte art.


Milk Frothing Tips:

It is essential that your milk is always cold and fresh! Choose the appropriate size from (12oz/20oz) because you can never re-use milk which has already been steamed. The two main phases of steaming milk are the so-called stretching, which introduces air, and the rolling phase, which blends the air with the milk to achieve the fine micro-foam. Make sure to never heat up the milk foam beyond 150°F.

Milk Pitcher 12oz Stainless Steel

    • The milk pitcher 12 oz is perfect for steaming and frothing milk foam for a single oder double cappuccino or latte macchiato.
    • Ideal Spout for Latte Art
    • Material: 18/10 high quality stainless steel 
    • Size: 12 oz / 350ml
    • Dish washer proof