IMS Nanotech Competition Shower Screen La Marzocco MA 200 NT

IMS Presents the latest innovation in coffee extraction: the NanoQuartz coating.
This is a high quality Competition shower screen with an innovative and very fine membrane  to get the ideal distribution of the water on the coffee in the portafilter. This very fine membrane keeps the group clean and slows the flow of water for a better and consistent extraction.


The NT at the end of the product code is NanoQuartz.

In order to improve the percolation process, IMS offers a high quality coating using quartz nanotechnology, the NANOQUATRZ coating, for integrated and reinforced membrane shower screens.


NT Features:
-  The advantage of this technology is its hydrorepellent effect - water comes down in a shower of tiny drops that are uniformly distributed over the whole surface of the shower head, saturating the coffee evenly.
-  The coating makes it easier to remove used coffee pods, and it also makes it easier to clean thereby rendering the antibacterial nature of the surfaces extremely effective.
-  Non-stick coating made of NANOQUARTZ increases the resistance to corrosion and chemical.


Suitable for: 

La Marzocco , Slayer , Synesso , Carimali

IMS Nanotech Competition Shower Screen La Marzocco MA 200 NT