IMS Competition Shower Screen Simonelli S1200IM

56.5 mm IMS Competition Series SI 200 IM shower.


This is a high quality Competition shower screen with an innovative and very fine membrane  to get the ideal distribution of the water on the coffee in the portafilter. This very fine membrane keeps the group clean and slows the flow of water for a better and consistent extraction.

Manufactured as a non-welded single piece shower screen consisting of a special integrated membrane built inside the supporting body offering a filtering capacity of 200 microns.

The IM at the end of the product code is integrated membrane 
The integrated membrane shower screen is made of a single filtering part in stainless steel obtained through a process of photo-etching: special micro perforations are made inside the thickness of the shower to obtain a filtering power of 200 µm.

IM Features:
-  Exclusive designed perforations, guarantees a better distribution
-  Filter basket will last longer and easy to clean.
-  Made out of a single part, the shower body is more resistant
-  Surface is totally smooth and free from rough spots where dirt can deposit and accumulate.

IMS Competition Shower Screen Simonelli S1200IM

  • External Diameter: 51.5 mm
    Holes area: 98 Holes : ø M3
    Middle hole: ø M6

  • Stainless steel AISI304 Food Safe 
    IMS code: SI200IM
    Material: Aisi 316 steel - food-safe certified
    Made in Italy