Hey Cafe HC-600 2.0 Espresso Grinder

The HC-600 2.0 from Hey Cafe is a great option for anyone looking for stepless adjustment and incredible speed on a budget.


This robust espresso grinder stays cool even under higher workloads and is equipped with a micro-adjustable stepless grind setting plate.


The re-designed control panel lets you set the timer for up to 3 doses while the barista switch sets the grinder to a continuous grinding mode


Color option:  Black, White



Hey Cafe HC-600 2.0 Espresso Grinder

    • Hardened steel burrs for a better taste experience

    • Classic cast aluminum body for an optimized heat transfer

    • Reliable on demand mechanism for fresh coffee and for precise individual dosing

    • Larger built-in grinder for faster grinding

    • Steady ground coffee flow with minimal retention for less waste and consistent taste over time

    • Stepless centralized grind size adjustment for a quick and convenient set-up

    • Edgeless shape and sealed surface guarantees easy cleaning and prevents residues

    • Universal portafilter support allows handsfree grinding

    • Heavy and extra-stable design fulfilling high quality claims

    • Low noise level for a quiet working environment