Hey Cafe H1 Coffee Grinder

The HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder sits within a very special niche in the grinder market, equipped with large 64mm Flat burrs and a precise digital grinding mechanism, it has the capacity to grind very fine for espresso brewing and all the way coarse for filter and cold coffee brewing and suits a cafe with small footprint but equally for the home coffee enthusiast.


Equipped with an adjustable portafilter forks that also come with a dosing cup tray, you can manoeuvre the supports up or down with a range of 18cm from the grind chute to either grind out hands-free in to an espresso portafilter to placing a complete aeropress underneath and grinding straight in to it chamber, and discover what height best suits your workflow and needs best.



A Re-designed stepless grind size adjustments knob digitally manages an LC Display for convenient use and precise, repeatable results, offering 100 - 900 μm Grind Size variety ideal for grinding super fine Turkish grounds to the ultra coarse ground for Cold Brewing. Add in a Start-/stop automation of hands-free operation with portafilters and you have an espresso grinder that can keep up on the bar and jump across to Filter grinding when needed.



With a solid cast aluminum grinds chamber and cooling fans ribbed around on the outside, and the belt-drive system, and main heat source of the grinder, being kept separate from where the beans are ground, makes for very effective heat reduction during operation. Using 64mm Flat burr grinding discs, adjusting the bottom burr up or down, you’ll find speeds of around 2.5-3g a second for fast dosing.

Hey Cafe H1 Coffee Grinder

Colour: Silver
  • 64mm Flat Burrs – Large Hardened Flat Burrs grind quickly and efficiently for ideal flavour and clarity.

    Wide Range of Grinding – From Espresso to Filter Options, the H1 Grinder does it all.

    Adjustable Forks – Move the forks, or tray to your preferred height between 18cm all the way to portafilter rest hands-free.

    LC Digital Display – Adjust you grind in 0.1 increments up to 8.0 to know exactly where you are and have it repeatable.

    380g Hopper – Large enough to work in a cafe espresso bar, but small enough it’s not overkill for single dosing.

    Cool Grinding – Aluminium Grinds Chamber, Cooling Fins and isolated belt drive keep the heat down.

    Removable Grinds Tray – Easy to clean removable grind catch tray for quick service.