Hario V60 Kettle Thermometer

The Hario V60 Kettle Thermometer . 

Designed specifically for the V60 Buono kettle range, we bring you the Hario V60 Thermometer. 

Delivered with a customized Buono lid, this ingenious removable thermometer monitors the temperature of the pour with an incredible, 4 digit level of accuracy.

The thermometer’s unique electronic sensor is angled to take continuous readings of the water temperature as it enters the spout. This vital accessory ensures that your pouring water is always in the ‘sweet spot’ – never too hot or cold for your chosen coffee beans.

Hario V60 Kettle Thermometer

    • Compatible with all Buono stainless steel kettles
    • Not compatible with the Buono copper kettle
    • Temperature measured at the root of the nozzle
    • Stainless steel lid and thermometry
    • Silicone knob and gasket
    • Main body ABS resin
    • 4-digit digital LCD display (real-time)
    • Temperature range is 0 -110 celsius (32F-230F)
    • Detachable thermometer and lid
    • Automatic shut off after 45 minutes
    • Hand wash the thermometer (do not submerge). Dripproof, but not waterproof. 
    • Lid is dishwasher safe
    • Made in China
    • Height: 5.5"
    • Width (Thermometer): 1.8"
    • Width (Thermometer + Lid): 3.3"
    • Depth: 4.2"
    • Weight: 0.4 lb