Fellow Stagg Tasting Glass

Simple and stylish, the Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses are great vessels for enjoying your daily brew. Featuring hand blown borosilicate glass, insulated walls, and a unique flared lip, they actually help you taste your coffee with more clarity.

The flared lip is specially designed to encourage your coffee to flow smoothly over your entire palate every sip, encouraging your taste buds to pick up on every nuanced tasting note each sip. For serious coffee lovers, this isn’t a gimmick – it’s a powerful tool.


The rest of the glasses are made with double walled borosilicate glass that’s been hand blown, known by some as the “Arnold Swartzenager” of glass. It’s durable, it’s crystal clear, and it’ll keep your coffee hot and your fingers cool.


This 275ml glasses come in sets of two, because coffee for two is often twice the fun.

Fellow Stagg Tasting Glass

  • Insulated Glass Walls – Hand blown borosilicate glass is durable, crystal clear, and keeps your coffee hot but your fingers cool.

    Flared Lip – Single walled and flared lip feels natural to drink from and allows the brew to flow smoothly over your entire palate for a full-flavoured experience.

    2 x Glasses – Because coffee for two is often twice the fun.