Fellow Monty Milk Art Cup (Cappuccino 6.5oz ) - Black

Meet Monty, a sleek double wall ceramic cup for beautiful espresso drinks.

The hidden parabolic slope lifts crema to the top without disruption for perfect latte art. These double-walled espresso cups feature clean, geometric design and a durable metal bottom. 

If that wasn't enough, they're also stackable and dishwasher safe.


Size : Cappuccino 6.5oz 


Fellow Monty Milk Art Cup (Cappuccino 6.5oz ) - Black

    • Materials: Double wall ceramic body with a copper or graphite bottom

    • Capacity: Latte (11 oz), cappuccino (6.5 oz), cortado (4.5 oz), set of two demitasses (3.0 oz)

    • Stackability: Monty Milk Art Cups are stackable on espresso machines or shelves. 11 oz and 6.5 oz stack together, and 4.5 oz and 3.0 oz stack together.

    • Cleaning:  Dishwasher safe