Fellow Mighty Small Glass Carafe

The Fellow Mighty Small Glass Carafe from Fellow Products is the perfect pairing for when you’re making delicious coffee, pour over style or otherwise, and want to serve it out easily into cups.


So whether you’re enjoying a morning brew at home or dialling-in a pour over at your local coffee bar, this beautiful carafe will get the job done in style

Fellow Mighty Small Glass Carafe

  • Stylish Coffee Carafe – Fellow Products are not only built great but ooze style through and through.


    Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass – Strong and durable 5mm thick borosilicate glass keeps your coffee hotter for longer.


    No-Drip Spout – Pour with precision with a sharp spout which eliminates drips and saves you from spills.


    Sturdy Little Handle – Provides a comfortable and firm grasp for pouring. Stays cool to keep your fingers and hands safe.

  • Materials :  Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass

    Volume :  500ml (ratio aid dot at 300ml)

    Weight :  250g

    Height : 11.43cm

    Diameter :  Top – 7.62cm | Bottom – 11.43cm