Cafelat VST 58.35mm Tamper - Walnut Wood

This VST tamper was specially hand-crafted and custom made so that it falls well into the accepted specifications of the VST baskets, 58.35 mm +/- 0.05 mm. Each and every tamper is distinctly measured and inspected before being shipped, printed on an accompanying card and personally signed, showing that the tamper has fallen within the specifications.


The walnut handled tamper is pure luxury. Each wood handle is crafted by Cafelat's founder Paul in-house and is carefully sanded, oiled and buffed to a silky smooth finish, a process that takes several days. The results are simply exquisite.


This tamper come with a gift box and includes a black tamper seat.

Cafelat VST 58.35mm Tamper - Walnut Wood

  • Tamper Base: VST 58.35mm Flat
    Material: Walnut Wood and Stainless Steel
    Height incl. base: 86mm
    Product Weight: 294g with 58mm base
    Packaging: 1 complete tamper with a tamper seat black per box

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