Cafelat Knockbox Large Tubbi

The Cafelat Large Tubbi knock box is a perfect accessory for the home Barista to help you dispose of your espresso pucks. It can easily hold 40 double pucks before it needs emptying. So this is for the serious home barista or for commercial use in a coffee bar.

Cafelat Knockbox Large Tubbi

  • The new Large Tubbi knockbox replaces the previous Cafelat Knockbox and features the same shape as the much-loved original Tubbi Knockbox. The larger size is a scaled up version of the small Tubbi so don't worry the lovely proportions are still there. The size is almost the same as the old large knockbox and holds around 40 double pucks. 

    The box is extremely tough and resists well to knocks from the portafilter thanks to the use of plastics that flex a little. Cafelat have also reinforced the food safe rubber bar with stainless steel and have designed the rubber bar so that it absorbs the energy from the portafilter to minimize the noise. A non-slip rubber pad on the bottom prevents it moving about the place and also helps to reduce the noise.

    This large Tubbi features a press fit silicone gasket on the bottom which means you can strip it down and clean it however you want, wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher.

    • Material: ABS plastic, silicone, rubber and stainless steel.
    • Height incl. base: 15cm
    • Base diameter: 13cm
    • Diameter across the bar: 15.9cm
    • Colour options : Matt Black and Red
    • Weight : 500g 
    • Packaging: 1 Complete large tubbi per box