BWT Penguin 2.7 L Water Pitcher

From BWT comes the Penguin table filter for the ideal glass of water.

The Penguin table filter uses multi-stage filtration and magnesium mineralizing cartridges to remove undesirable particles from your water, including lime-scale to better protect appliances, and fortify taste.


For style, BWT has taken inspiration from the more modern school of Scandinavian design for ergonomic handling and balance. The Penguin table filter boasts a 2.7 liter total capacity and a 1.5 liter filtered water capacity.


Each cartridge can filter up to roughly 120 liters of water before needing a replacement, as indicated electronically by the filter.  All but the lid is dishwasher safe, it's easy to fill with it's splash free design, and it's compact enough to fit well in most household refrigerator doors.


Ideal Filtration for Reservoir Espresso Machines

Includes 1 Magnesium Mineralizing Filter Cartridge; Filters down to 1.5 liters of usable water per filling.

BWT Penguin 2.7 L Water Pitcher