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If you are new to brewing espresso or wants to aim for espresso greatness, you definitely need the right equipment. The Barista Calibration Kit helps beginner barista to control certain brewing parameters until they get the confidence. Thus, this will make your barista life easier and improve your overall experience.


This barista calibration kit includes:

  • Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scale with Timer
  • Joe Frex Espresso Digital Timer
  • Joe Frex Milk Frothing Thermometer
  • Joe Frex Espresso Shot Glass x 2


We can also customise a kit to suit your needs or your specific machines. For more information, please feel free to contact us at +6012-672 6264 or email us at

Barista Calibration Kit Set

  • Digital Coffee Scale with Timer

    Scales are crucial to the process of brewing espresso and are essential to creating a consistent finished product. A scale will help you achieve precision and consistency, with your shots.


    Espresso Digital Timer

    A perfect espresso should be pulled in about 25 seconds, no matter the dose. Too long and it will be over-extracted, (bitter). Too fast, and it will be under-extracted, (too weak). This timer helps you measure precise brewing times for espresso, coffee or tea.


    Espresso Shotglass

    Volume does matter. Etched shot glasses enabling you to quickly check espresso volumes. This are used by many a barista to check that everything is running smoothly in the extraction phase. If your espresso hits the mark, then you know that everything is working together in perfect harmony. Espresso Shot Glass for Single und Double Shot of Ristrettos and Espressos. Dishwasher safe.


    Milk Frothing Thermometer

    Steaming milk is a very delicate process that requires you do not exceed 70 degrees C in order to achieve glossy, creamy microfoam.. This thermometer will help barista stay within that parameter when you start out until you are able to feel it out from the pitcher on your own.