Anfim Scody II Coffee Grinder

The SCODY II features big 75 mm flat steel burrs, two programmable timed settings with 0.1 s precision, a manual pulsed grinding button, and excellent grind quality for the tastiest espresso. As with the previous Super Caimano platform, the SCODY II features a built-in vent fan to keep the internals cool, stepless worm gear adjustment for precise tuning of your grind, and a nice big 2.27kg shut-off hopper up top. The adjustable portafilter forks are easy to set up, and the portafilter button for timed dosing is interruptable, meaning you can grind a bit, groom, then go back to finish up your dose. This is an extremely barista-friendly grinder, with easy-to-use features and great quality in the cup.


Titanium burr is an optional add on. It is available upon request, just use the drop-down menu to add them to your order.

Anfim Scody II Coffee Grinder

Titanium Burr
    • Cooling fan
    • Stepless grind adjustment
    • Two easy-to-set programmable timed doses
    • Bright LCD display
    • Interruptable grinding with portafilter fork switch
    • Pulsed/manual grinding button near base
    • Dosing accuracy: +-1 gram

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