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Debit Card Instalment Plan

Retail and Online Instalment Payment Options:

Shop now, pay later in 4 zero-fee instalments or up to 12 months instalment.
Debit or credit card, FPX payment, direct debit accepted.
(Available online and in-store)

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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I qualify for "PayLater"?

- Malaysia Citizen with a valid Malaysia NRIC.
- Above the age of year 18 years old.
- Have a valid email address and mobile number.
- Have a valid residential address.
- Have a valid Bank Account / Debit Card / Credit Card.

3. What is my "Shopping Limit"? And how does my installment work?

Your Shopping Limit is the available shopping amount you can spend with Paylater partnered Merchants. Your instalments will be deductible monthly from the date of purchase.

4. Can I increase my "Shopping Limit"?

You can request higher shopping limit in-app by providing additional information.
Login to PAYLATER Malaysia App, click on "Get More Limit" to apply for higher shopping limit. PAYLATER might require you to upload the following documents: - Latest month bank statements in PDF. - Latest Payslip ; Prove of income/revenue - For self-employed or own business. - Latest Utility Bills (TNB bills, Water bills, Mobile Phone bills etc). *Please ensure the document(s) you submitted is not password protected. **Please note that all higher shopping limit application is subject to T&C for approval.

5. Can I purchase with a debit card?

Yes, you can! Both debit and credit cards are accepted for ‘Paylater’ payment option. You may choose either auto debit on your card, or FPX manual transfer to Paylater Malaysia via an in-app option in the ‘Paylater Malaysia’ app.

6. How do payments and repayments work?

User pays their first payment when they checkout. The remaining three instalments (repayments) are split into MONTHLY. Repayments are automatically deducted from your selected payment method.

7. Can I have more than 4 months instalments?

Yes, you may opt-in for a maximum of 12 months instalment with a fixed fee. Full details available in the ‘Paylater Malaysia’ app. Instalments above 4 months are subject to approval.

9. Can I apply for more than 1 (ONE) purchase at a time?

Yes, you may. As long as you are still within your allocated ‘shopping limit’, you may have as many purchases.

8. Are there late payment charges?

Yes, you may refer to here for more information.

2. Will there be any interest charged for my purchase(s)?

There will be no interest.

10. How do I checkout "Online" and make payment via PAYLATER?

Please select "Manual Payment" during order checkout. Once we received your order, we will be contacting you via WhatsApp to arrange for PayLater payment arrangement.