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Credit Card Instalment Plan

Retail Instalment Payment Options:

Frequently asked questions

1. What is 0% instalment?

No interest will be charged on your easy payment plan purchase.

2. What are the options of tenure ship is available?

In-store : 6 months and 12 months available for Maybank and CIMB credit card user.

3. Are there other additional fees?

No interest, extra hidden charges will be imposed on your EPP purchase. Please check with your bank for other bank charges.

4. Are debit cards available for 0% installment?

Debit cards installment is only available via online / in-store - Pay Later payment. more info here.

5. Can I purchase an item with mix payment methods and 0% interest installment?

Yes, you can make multiple payment methods for your purchase.

6. When will I have to make first payment? And when will I have to make subsequent payments after the initial payment?

Your first payment will be the full price of the receipt divided by the total instalment tenure months. Your card will be swiped upon payment for the full price, the bank will deduct the credit for you monthly.